Chicken Salad for Every One’s Budget

Eating healthy is everyone’s priority, but not everyone have time or desire to cook.

This salad is cheap, simple and easy to make.


1 Chinese lettuce

200 gr boiled or fried chicken breasts

1 tomato

1 cucumber

1 baby onion

pinch of pink salt

pinch of black pepper

extra virgin olive oil

1/2 lemon

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First you washed all the vegetables. Cut the Chinese lettuce, the cucumber and baby onions on small pieces and put them in a bowl. Cut the boiled chicken breasts on small pieces and mix them with the content of the bowl. Add pinch of pink Himalayan salt, olive oil, black pepper, and half squished lemon juice. Mix all the ingredient in the bowl and after that add the chopped tomatoes. Little bit of salt on the tomatoes and mixed again.

This is a healthy protein salad, under budget, easy to make. I strongly recommend it if your gold is losing weight in a healthy way.


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