Shocking Facts About Solidarity in Times of Crises

We are living in society where everything is speed up. Technology is developing so fast, that people often neglect their part of society and create some virtual reality on social media and internet.

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Your voice matter!!!!

Forgetting that moral values and ethical behavior are the most important human characteristics that ever existed.  The highest calling for a person is to serve the greater good of humanity and the world, but many people are tempted to be selfish and do what only benefits themselves.

Solidarity vc. Crisess

Nowadays, the world is knelled in front of one of the biggest crises in all time-corona virus (Covid 19) Countries have been put into lock down, schools closed, events canceled, factories shuttered, millions told to work from home and emergency funds released.

No economic cost has been too big to stem the spread of the disease. And yet, here we are. No many is enough to stop Corona. No human power ever existing is enough to stop this crises threatened to destroy human race from the face of Earth.

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Stuck in our homes, with time enough to do anything we ever wonted when we didn’t have time to do it, we can’t escape from our worrying thoughts if everything is going to be ok? What can we do to beat this crises even though we are filling powerless closed in social isolation in our homes?

Embrace solidarity as inevitable part of humanity

We can’t do much besides to work on raising the level of empowerment of our moral values. Solidarity is one of the biggest step that any human can make to help the world to get the corona crises.

Small acts of kindness, compassion, solidarity are helping to spread hope. From volunteering to balcony singing, offline and online initiatives people are showing the world that they are strong.

Where people are free to provide practical help, community groups are mobilizing to deliver supplies to elderly people and other vulnerable groups that have been advised to stay indoors to minimize the risk of infection. More and more people are getting involved in helping each other.

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Corona crisis is not only a medical, logistical and economic challenge. It is a challenge to our way of life. The crisis tests our capacity for combining empathy and action.

It is time to be in touch with our friends and partners all over the world, even if the activities we have worked on together will not take place in the same way. Solidarity nowadays clearly shows that people are starting to return the humanity. There is a hope that mankind will learn to appreciate the spirit wealth over the material.

We can build society where moral values can be a greater good for everyone. We can do so much from our homes, just to have a desire, creativity and off course solidarity to help the planet get back on her feet.

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